Flat tire? Run over glass, nail or a screw?


Hit a pothole or ran up on a curb.. and now your tire has gone flat?


Live near or have a construction site in your daily commute?  Or have a tire blowout on the Interstate or Highway?


Whatever caused your tire to go flat, we can help with that too! Call us and we'll send an expert to install your spare tire quickly and get you back on the road in no time.




  • Tire Change Service (Install Spare or Fill with Air)


We currently serve: (call to check Driver availability)

Evansville, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Champaign, IL

Peoria, IL


Call us now - or when you need us: 1-888-95-WHYME (888-959-4963)

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About Us


We've been hard at work since 2010! Back to Life Roadside Assistance, LLC opened its very first market in Evansville, IN. Not even 8 months later, our Champaign, IL market was born! And we've been growing and growing ever since! We have since moved into the Peoria, IL and Indianapolis, IN areas.


BacktoLifeRoadside.com makes it easy to contact us for your emergency and non-emergency roadside assistance needs. Whether you're locked out of your car, truck or suv and are in need of a locksmith for an auto lockout service or you have a dead battery and need a jump start... our goal is to provide a fast, friendly and quality experience to get you back on the road.


Back to Life Roadside Assistance, LLC is family-owned and operated in Evansville, Indiana. Since day one... we’ve treated every customer like they were our own family member. Other companies may offer similar services, but ours come with a smile and cheaper rate!


Take advantage of our VERY LOW rate today!  Call  or

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