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  • Do I need to be a mechanic?
    No. We do NOT offer, nor perform, mobile mechanic work.
  • Is this a Sales position?
    No. We do NOT sell roadside assistance insurance coverage. We only provide the services.
  • What are the qualifications for this type of work?
    - Experience preferred, but not required - Ability to follow "how-to" instructions - Ability to perform, simple, non-mechanical, automotive tasks - Have available resources to obtain tools necessary for the services - Must have a reliable vehicle, valid Driver's License & current Insurance - Good driving record & clear background check
  • Will I have to drive a Tow Truck?
    No. This is Independent Contractor work, therefore, you will need a reliable vehicle (in good cosmetic condition - professional in appearance - Model 2001 or newer preferred). This vehicle will be used to drive to each service call. Your vehicle's gas & maintenance costs will be your responsibility.
  • What is an Independent Contractor?
    The IRS has a wide array of explanations on this particular classification. However, simply put, an Independent Contractor is NOT an hourly or salaried employee. An Independent Contractor has the right to Accept or Reject individual job offers (service calls). In a way, you are your own boss. It also includes an IRS Form W9 (filled out in the beginning) & 1099s at the end of the year, instead of employment W-2s. Which means, you must hold back any necessary funds, pay and file your own taxes each year (including possible estimated taxes throughout the year). Please see a Tax Professional for further details.
  • How much will I get paid?
    You'll get paid, per service call. The standard rates, per service call, can be found on the Rate Schedule (inside the Application Packet). These rates can be negotiated, but volume tends to go to the Service Providers with the best rates, acceptance rate, response times & customer service. Standard rates, starting out, typically range from $12.50 to $20.00 per job (service call). Most the time, this can add up quickly!
  • How often will I get paid?
    Payments are sent out weekly. You have the option of check by mail OR Direct Deposit. ACH / EFT / Direct Deposit payments are the quicker & preferred method, by both, us and most Service Providers.
  • What kind of schedule can I have?
    Really, you get the call and go. There's no base / hub you have to sit at all day or for as long as your shift lasts. This is strictly "On-Call" work. You could be at home or out & about... Get the call... go perform the service... go back to what you were doing. With that said, the following options / suggestions are shown within the Application Packet: - 24/7 (best chance for most calls) - 24/6 (1 day off a week) - 24/5 (2 days off a week) - Daytime Shift (typically 12+ hours everyday) - Night Shift (typically 12+ hours everyday) - Other
  • What kind of tools are necessary to perform the services?
    We go into more detail on our Support Site, as far as recommended tools, which you'll have access to later. But, the required tools necessary to do each job, include: 1) Jumper Cables (20'+ recommended) 2) 4-Way Lug Wrench & a Heavy Duty Floor Jack (min. 3 ton, recommended) 3) Gas can (5 gallon recommended) 4) Lockout Kit (will be provided, once you and BTL feel this work is right for you) $60 cost of the lockout kit can be deducted from future payments 5) Smartphone
  • What kind of training will be provided?
    We have a Support Site that is full of tips, tricks, images, guides & training videos! This site is very extensive and is comprised of common industry education, scenarios - based on our Driver's past experiences, and actual Motor Club training material. We will request that you review this Support Site and complete a quick & easy questionnaire / assessment, ensuring that you have good direction before heading out to your first service calls.
  • How does the Application Process work?
    1) You will either complete the online application, download the application packet OR complete the paperwork during/after the face-to-face interview. 2) You'll receive further instructions after completing the packet. 3) Once we verify identity and complete the background check, you'll receive a welcome email, where we will then confirm your start date. Please make sure you provide a VALID email address. 4) If there are any issues that would prevent you from working with us, we will let you know. Otherwise, your welcome email will be what gets you started with us!
  • What services do you offer?
    Auto Lockout Service (Vehicle Unlock) Locksmith Services (Keys, Duplication, Fobs, Programming) Jump Start Service Mobile Battery Testing New Battery Delivery & Install Tire Change Service (Install Customer Spare) Tire Plug Service (if pluggable) Tire Inflation Service Fuel Delivery Service (ran out of gas) Book a service online, here: Book a new battery delivery & install, here:
  • How much are your roadside assistance services?
    Most of our services (Lockouts, Jump Starts, Tire Changes, etc.) start at and stay at a flat rate of $45.00 Additional charges only apply if the vehicle is located beyond 15 miles from the center of town. These services can be booked, right now, online.. here: If you need a new battery for your vehicle, you can book a Battery Delivery & Install, anywhere within our service area.. here: - Prices found at this link INCLUDE battery installation.
  • How much are your locksmith services?
    The standard mobile locksmith service trip charge is $45.00 Pricing of keys & key fobs range from $4.00 to $124.00 Price of transponder key or key fob programming is $30.00 Additional charge may apply, if all keys are lost and new original key, key fob or fobik are required. You can request our locksmith services by calling 1-888-959-4963 or by waiting for a Dispatcher to respond.
  • In which areas (cities) do you provide services?
    Indiana: Evansville, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Illinois: Champaign, Illinois Peoria, Illinois * Including most surrounding towns to the cities listed above. Service Tech availability updated online. Additional mileage charge may apply if vehicle is located beyond 15 miles from center of town.
  • My car won't start. Can you help?
    Yes! In most instances. Here are a few tips to know what might be wrong with your vehicle: Multiple clicks - or no sound - when trying to start.. combined with dim headlights and interior lights (dash lights might still work) -- This is most likely a dead battery. Yes, we can help! If you know you just left lights on or left something plugged in... you can book a jump start, online, here: If you already know it's definitely a bad battery, you can book us to bring you a new battery and we'll install it for you. You can book this, online, here: If you hear 1 single click (or no sound) when trying to start.. combined with strong/bright headlights and interior lights -- This is most likely a starter issue. If this is the case, unfortunately, we don't tow. If your vehicle starts, but can't stay running.. it just keeps dying while running -- This is most likely an alternator issue. If this is the case, unfortunately, we don't tow. Please keep in mind, there is still a small chance that the battery is so far gone, the alternator can't keep it going. If you're not sure, no worries, we can still help! We have testers that can test your vehicle's battery.. your vehicle's starter.. and your vehicle's alternator. We can even provide a printout showing the tests results. Simply give us a call or book a jump start, online, here: If we come out and confirm that your battery is bad, we can then install a new battery for you. The cost of the jump start is then waived and replaced with the cost of the new battery. The cost of new batteries can be found, here:
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